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    Blockages can occur anywhere in the home; toilet, kitchen sink, bathroom basin, shower, wet room, internal drain to name a few. These types of blockages can be caused by a number of different factors which often include foreign objects or even a build up of soaps/grease/dirt/fats/oils.

    The consequences of these of blockages can be severe, overflowing toilet, pungent smells, bath/shower/sink overflowing. It is therefore important that these blockages are addressed and cleared immediately as it could potentially lead to further damage within your property.

    Contact our experienced team of plumbers who are on hand with the right tools and knowledge to help clear your blockages now!

  • Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for re-occurrence of blockages after our work has been completed, but will always be happy to re-attend on a further call.  Although every effort is made to clear blockages, we do not carry specialist drain jetting equipment, & it is possible that we may have to refer you to  a specialist company following our visit.  In these cases, our call out charge still applies *